Essential parts, effective, control

The Denkhor range contains all the ‘core’ ironmongery products required for quality residential housing projects – the “heart and soul” of the package that helps ensure doors operate safely, efficiently and securely for users and property owners alike. At Denleigh we stock many of the products in our Denkohr range for project call-off, giving our customers a reliable source of supply at any time. For further reassurance, we only supply British standard certified products from leading manufacturers. 



Essential door ironmongery and hardware

From door hinges to door closers, door latches to fire intumescent products and hanging rails to locks, the Denkohr hardware range provides everything you need; all the essential parts which make your entrance ways function effectively and bring you and the building's residents appropriate control, security and safety.

Our GAI trained ironmongery team can advise you on suitable products within the range to meet any application need or provide a quotation for your bill of quantities. Simply contact us, browse our ironmongery range online or download our catalogue.
Virginia Water Door Closer

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