Fire doors have a critical role in protecting properties in residential settings from the spread of fire and saving lives.

In addition to certified fire doorsets, Denleigh supplies a range of fire rated door furniture, parts and hardware for the safe operation fire doors which help clients meet the requirements of Part B Fire Safety Regulations. Our products are third party tested and rated e.g. FD30.

Fire door parts include

Intumescent seals – We supply fire only and fire and smoke intumescent strips which seal the gap between door and frame in the event of fire. Mortice automatic drop-down door seals for the bottom edge of single swing doors are also available.

Locks and latches – We provide fire rated secure locks and latches compatible with fire doors of the same rating.

Fire door hinges - with or without intumescent pads and fixings. Our hinges are CE marked and Certifire tested. There is a choice of finishes to match other ironmongery in our range.

Air transfer grilles - Intumescent air transfer grilles are fitted on some fire doors and compartment walls to allow air to circulate freely throughout a building.

Fire door closers – ensure your fire doors always return to a fully closed position when not in use, or are closed in the event of the fire alarm being triggered.

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Fire Door Furniture

Letterplates – Fire rated intumescent letterboxes, designed for use with a FD30 entrance door, offering 30 minutes of fire protection.

Fire door signage - communal areas of a shared building must be fitted with a fire door keep shut sign at eye-level, along with automatic door signage where appropriate

Fire door viewers - Fitted to entrance doors, our fire rated door viewers are made with fire-resistant components, most commonly ceramic glass, and an all-steel construction. 

Fire door furniture parts
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Fire Exit / Panic Hardware

Designed to make emergency exits faster and safer our fire exist hardware features a push-to-unlock mechanism that is easy to open, with little strength required. Options include Push Bar Panic Bolt and Panic latch Sets for single and double doors, and Lever operated and knob operated Outside Access Devices that allows doors to be unlocked from the outside.

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Guide to Fire Doors and Ironmongery

The Role of Ironmongery in Enhancing Fire Door Safety

Ironmongery, often considered the backbone of door installations, plays a pivotal role in the safety and functionality of fire doors. Fire doors, designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, rely heavily on the quality and installation of their ironmongery components to function effectively. Let's delve deeper into the significance of ironmongery in fire door safety.

Essential Components and Their Functions

Ironmongery encompasses a wide range of metal fittings, including hinges, handles, locks, and closers. Each of these components has a specific role

Fire Door Parts Include:


These ensure the door remains securely attached to its frame. For fire doors, it's crucial that hinges are robust and can withstand the intense heat, preventing the door from collapsing. 

Handles and Locks

While primarily used for accessibility, in the context of fire doors, they must be made of materials that won't easily melt or warp. This ensures that doors remain accessible for evacuation during a fire.

Door Closers

These devices ensure that the door closes automatically after being opened. In the event of a fire, this automatic closing prevents the spread of flames and smoke to other parts of the building.