Door locks, latches and secure hardware are vitally important elements of home security.

In the UK, national statistics show in nearly 70% of burglaries access was gained through an external door. At Denleigh we supply a comprehensive range of locks, latches, bolts and secure hardware to suit doorsets, including internal apartment entrance doors. Our products are selected to offer the best combination of quality and value depending on a client’s budget. We also provide products that comply to accessibility guidelines in mixed use facilities.



Door Locks

We stock a wide range of door locks for next day delivery including mortice deadlocks, cylinder locks and sash locks. Manufactured by leading brands, our locks are high quality and come with the manufactures warranty.  Locks comply with BS3621 British Standards, ensuring they have been tested against burglary techniques and are insurance approved. Our range includes:

Mortice locks – 3 lever and 5 lever mortice locks, which are particularly secure and resistant to forced entry.

Deadbolt locks - opened using a key or a thumb turn, these offer great security as it’s impossible to be forced open using a knife blade or credit card. 

Cylinder locks – featuring a pin tumbler mechanism within a lock. A range of specs are available including, 5 pin, 6 pin, 10 pin, 15 pin, 1* BS security rated & 3* BS security rated.

Nightlatches – Supplied with or without deadlock, a rim cylinder lock is fitted to so the door can be unlatched from the outside. We stock nightlatches that conform to BS3621.

Door Security Locks

Latches and Secondary Locks

Latches – Typically operated by a lever handle or knob, they keep doors shut after use and come with latch plates in various finishes to match other door furniture

Surface bolts – often used to provide an extra layer of security

Door chains – a secondary security measure allowing home owners to communicate with a visitor without fully opening the door.

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Digital Locks

Our mechanical code locks offer a simple way to lock / unlock a door through a pin number, providing access to a large number of people without having to issue and track keys, Ideal when giving access to communal areas in apartment blocks. Easy to update the code when someone leaves.
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Bathroom Locks / Turn and release

Our bathroom locks consist of a latch operated by the door handle and a deadbolt which is operated through a turn and release or ‘privacy turns’ to lock and unlock the door. Some of our bathroom locks are fire certified and they can also be used on wet room doors, shower rooms and changing rooms. Compatible handles and turn and release are available.
Bassett_Road-Door Handle

Door Spy Viewers

Where you don't have glazing that can be seen through, door viewers are an important security device which enable property owners to view visitors from the inside of the door and assess any potential threat before opening the door. We also supply these fire rated to comply with Part B building regulations.
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Safer Homes through Fire and Security Doors

Door Security: From Traditional Deadlocks to Smart Locks

In today's world, the importance of door security cannot be overstated. With the rise in home burglaries and break-ins, ensuring that your home is safe and secure has become paramount. From the outside, a door might seem like just another component of your home, but it's the primary barrier between your loved ones and potential threats.

Aesthetics and Functionality Combined

While security is paramount, aesthetics shouldn't be compromised. Modern door lock face plates are available in a range of finishes, from brass to chrome, ensuring that they complement the door's design. Handles, hinges and other door furniture in the same finish can elevate the look of any door, be it internal or external.

Comprehensive Security with Additional Hardware

Beyond locks, other hardware plays a crucial role in door security. Door chains, for instance, allow homeowners to open their door partially to identify visitors. Door bolts, especially those designed for internal and external use, provide an added layer of security, ensuring that doors remain firmly shut against intruders. For those seeking peace of mind, door security products like door chains and bolts are essential.

Choosing the Right Lock for Your Door

The type of door you have plays a significant role in the kind of lock you should choose. Wooden doors, for instance, might benefit from a durable deadlock, while UPVC or composite doors might require a specific type of lock designed to fit their structure. It's also essential to consider the door's location. Front door security, given its external facing nature, is crucial and might require high-security locks. In contrast, interior doors, like bathroom doors or bedroom doors, might need simple latches or thumb turn locks for privacy.