Combine Security and Great Looks with our PAS24 entrance doors.

Doors in residential dwellings have an important role to play in protecting the property, the residents and their belongings from the ever-present danger of burglary and crime, but they also need to make a great first impression. Denleigh offers internal and external entrance doorsets which combine certified PAS24:2016 security with highly attractive design. 

What is PAS24?

Crime prevention measures are an important consideration when designing and building new homes, or where doors are being replaced as part of a renovation. Document Part Q of Building Regulations states the all accessible windows and doors on new properties should be secure and tested to PAS24 or an equivalent security standard. 

To be certified all products undergo a set of stringent physical attack through a UKAS accredited third party to assess the products capacity to resist tempts to break in. As such PAS24 doors can be relied on to provide a high level of protection from burglary.

Barnet-9 PAS24 Apartment Entrance Door LR

What is Secured By Design?

Secured by Design (SBD) operates an accreditation scheme on behalf of UK police for products and services that have met recognized security standards. Known as ‘Police Preferred Specification’ such products must be capable of preventing or deterring crime. To qualify for Police Preferred Specification, doors must have been tested to the relevant security standard and also be fully certified by an independent certification body accredited to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).
Cobham-11 PAS24 Internal Door

We offer a range of internal and external entrance doorsets 
tested to PAS24

Bassett_Road PAS24 Entrance Door

PAS24 Apartment Entrance Doors

Ideally suited to entrances to stylish new apartments, our PAS24 doors combine elegant design with high security features designed to keep unwelcome visitors at bay. With a tough reinforced core and multi-point locking system, the doors have been third-party tested against a wide range of attack methods and are supplied as a certified doorset with frames and ironmongery. We can also match the design of your PAS apartment doors to other doors throughout your property.

Supplied as a certified doorset with compliant frames and ironmongery. Delivery lead time = 10-12 weeks

PAS24 Grey Timber External Door EX604

PAS24 External Dwelling Entrance Doors

Combining classic design and real solid timber with fully tested security and weather performance credentials, our PAS24 timber external entrance doorsets provide a secure and attractive option for quality residential properties. Third-party tested to the PAS24 standard, these doors feature a tough reinforced construction, multi-point locking and security grade components proven to be resistant to various forms of forced entry and designed to keep intruders out.

Supplied as a certified doorset with compliant frames and ironmongery. Delivery details on request.

Are all PAS24 Doors Created Equal?

Whilst all PAS24 doors and windows meet the minimum security requirements and are compliant to Part Q regulations, there are variations in design, materials, and additional features between different products. Until recently there has been a limited number of door designs available that have achieved the PAS24 standard, however, we now offer a wide range of designs and finishes in our PAS24 doors, including apartment entrance doors. This allows developers to compliment the style of their property as well as match other doors for a more consistent look.

The role of doorsets in PAS24

Doorsets play a crucial role in achieving PAS 24 standards. These are complete door systems, including the frame and all hardware components. Doorsets tested to PAS 24 ensure that every part of the door assembly works in harmony to provide maximum security compliance.

If you have any questions regarding PAS24 doors, please contact us or download our brochure.

Customising Your Security: Bespoke PAS 24 Doors

For those who don't want to compromise on style for security, bespoke PAS24 external timber doors are available. These doors combine the stringent security standards of PAS24 with the aesthetic appeal of custom design, offering homeowners the best of both worlds.

Choosing the right PAS24 supplier

 When selecting a supplier of security doors for residential homes, it's important to ensure they offer products with PAS24 accreditation. This not only guarantees high security but also gives you reassurance of the product's quality. Our entrance doors have been directly tested to PAS24 by an approved third party, giving you confidence they perform.
PAS24 Doors Guide

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