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The importance and value of fire and security doors and hardware

Building safer homes.

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Latest official statistics from the home office highlight the huge number of fires and burglaries that happen every year in domestic properties throughout the country and the devastating effect it can have on lives.

Doors and associated hardware, along with other control methods, have a critical role in mitigating the risk of fire and theft. As a leading supplier of fire and security protected doors, Denleigh developed our own ‘Safer Homes’ campaign, designed to help educate and promote best practice routes to specifying, installing and maintaining fire and security compliant doors, through a series of guides and online resources.

Fire safety

Are your fire doors compliant and fully protected against the risk of fire? Fire doors have a critical role in protecting residential properties from the spread of fire and saving lives, but they will only do so if correctly specified, installed and maintained.

We explain fire door standards, where they should be fitted, best practice routes to specifying fire doors and the design options.



Are your doors officially secure? Entrance doors in residential dwellings have an important role in protecting properties, residents and their belongings from the ever-present threat of burglary, but they also have to be user-friendly, welcoming and make a great impression. Find out what the standards are, how doors are tested, where they should be installed and what designs are available.

Security locking to apartment entrance door
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Guide to fire and security doors in residential homes

As the leading supplier of bespoke doors and ironmongery to high-end residential developments, Denleigh has produced this handy guide, which highlights the main specification requirements of fire and security doors in residential properties, along with design and installation options.