Fire safety is paramount in residential homes.

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If you are responsible for specifying fire doors for your residential properties, it’s important to understand the best routes to comply with regulations and ensure the safety needs of your project are met.

Everyone in the supply chain, from the architect to the manufacturer, supplier and installer has a duty of care to ensure properties have effective fire doors where they are required. After all, lives and livelihoods are on the line.

The threat of fire

National statistics show there were over 33,000 domestic fires last year attended by the fire service with in many cases the consequences being severe. The risk of fire is always there and therefore must be mitigated.

Following the Grenfell tragedy there has been greater scrutiny of fire control measures in new developments, including the specification of fire doors. Everyone in the supply chain has a responsibility to ensure the safety of property, including where required well specified, installed and maintained fire doors.


Download our guide to fire doors.

Guide to fire doors

Our guide to fire doors in residential homes helps explain the main fire door specification and design options for new homes and answers many of the most common questions specifiers have about fire doors, helping to minimise the risk of non-compliance:

  • What standard must fire doors be tested to?
  • What parts are required for fire doors?
  • What is the safest route to specifying a fire door?
  • What are the design options?
  • Where should they be installed?

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Fire door parts

A certified fire door consists of many different components which work together to achieve the necessary level of protection for the property. But if any of those parts are not compatible with the door leaf or incorrectly installed, the door will fail in the event of a fire.

At Denleigh we have many years of experience supplying fire doorsets and parts for leading residential building developments and offer a bespoke service around client needs.

Fire door furniture parts

How safe and secure are the doors in your residential projects?

Denleigh often runs fire safety webinars to provide help when planning fire doors, helping to improve safety and compliance with regulations. Contact us and we will send you an invite to our next webinar.

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