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The vital role of security doors

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Doors and associated hardware have a critical role in protecting residential property and home owners from the risk of burglary and can be very effective when correctly specified and installed.

With the door being targeted in nearly 70% of burglaries, it’s a clear and obvious area to strengthen and secure against such attacks, but doors to stylish homes also have to look great and complement the design of the property. At Denleigh we are specialists in bespoke doors that combine security with attractive appearance, helping to protect and maximise the value of homes.  

The threat of burglary

National statistics show there were over 258,000 reported incidents of burglary in residential homes last year across the UK, with many more that will have gone unreported. The risk of theft, property damage and harm to home owners from intruder break-in attempts is ever present and must be mitigated as much as possible.

Developers are compelled by Part Q building regulations to install secure doorsets and should assess the risk profile of their properties, before considering other security measures such as alarms and CCTV.

Find out more in our Guide to Fire and Security doors.

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Safer Homes Through Fire and Security Doors

Guide to Security Doors

Our guide to security doors helps to explain the regulations and standards of security required on doors in residential homes. It explores the design possibilities of external entrance doors, internal apartment doors and compatible ironmongery helping you specify doors that both protect and complement the design of your housing development.

Whether you’re working on contemporary new apartment or a classically inspired luxury town house you’ll find a solution here.

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Security Standards

Building regulations demand that new homes are specified with doorsets that provide a minimum level of protection, as verified through independent tests. PAS24:2016 is the British security standard that doors must be tested to in order to be compliant with regulations.

Doors are subjected to a series of tough physical tests lasting several minutes to identify any potential weakness to attack.

Find out more in our Guide to Fire and Security doors.

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